The BreatheWay roots.

Fresh food is the way to our heart. That’s why we’re on a mission to help farmers deliver their best produce, ensure retailers provide a quality product, and enable customers to eat something fresh daily.

The journey to fresh.

20 years ago, experts at Landec were determined to reduce waste, preserve quality, and naturally extend the freshness and shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables. So they developed the first BreatheWay membrane technology. By placing a multi-layer membrane over a hole in a package of fresh fruit, they were able to control the rate of oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability into and out of the package. This was a novel idea, and it worked.

Shortly after patenting their membrane technology, BreatheWay set out to eliminate the need for ice during shipment.

For starters, ice caused many problems for fresh produce — it made heavy shipments even heavier, it caused slip and fall hazards, and the wet, watery conditions allowed for unwanted microbial growth. It was time to innovate, and it all started with an 18 lb crate of broccoli. After proving their technology worked, BreatheWay then acquired Apio - a fresh vegetable processor - and created Eat Smart to grow their product and presence in the fresh food space.

Today, BreatheWay is proud to be used on over 50 million packages annually, and on about 1 billion packages.