BreatheWay is the better way.

Our technology fosters a naturally beneficial atmosphere inside your fresh produce package, maintaining the quality throughout the supply chain. With BreatheWay, you can decrease product respiration, and increase shelf life.

Science simplified.


Unlike other MAP technologies, BreatheWay technology allows the most beneficial atmospheres to be maintained based on each products unique respiration rate and does not require perforations in the packaging. Please refer to UC Davis Post Harvest Center for respiration rates.


Our patented technology is applied to a wide variety of packaged produce, and provides all the required gas exchange for your food to remain fresh. Our membrane integrates into most packages and adapts to temperature fluctuations and respiration changes using patented temperature switch technology.

Our membrane is expertly designed to maintain the most beneficial mix of natural gasses - O2 and CO2 levels - even when temperature fluctuations occur. As one of the only technology solutions to limit negative effects on product quality, the BreatheWay membrane is a must for your supply chain.


BreatheWay technology enhances nature’s own process by maintaining the most beneficial mix of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Because the respiration of the fresh fruits and vegetables actually create their own specific extended shelf-life environment - with no additional gas flush or chemicals introduced - you can feel good about using it on organic products to protect the quality, taste, texture, and nutritional profile.

Real benefits, inside and out of the package.

  1. Naturally reduces the respiration rate of produce
  2. Adjusts the packaging permeability to temperature changes
  3. Controls oxygen and carbon dioxide permeabilities
  4. Reduces the incidence of damaging atmospheres

Good things come in custom packages.

The small, smart BreatheWay membrane allows manufacturers to conveniently choose their preferred packaging material and achieve optimal atmosphere for extended shelf life of their products, without disrupting their distribution chain. Whether it be small bags or large pallets, solutions are customized for each specific fruit, vegetable and horticultural need.

Our team is part of your team.

We are a team of MAP technology experts, so you don’t have to be. Our sales team can guide you to select the correct membrane size for your preferred package configuration, finding the ideal carbon dioxide to oxygen ratio for your operational processes and fresh produce items. We make sure you enjoy the fruits of your labor, longer.