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Our team is passionate about providing customized solutions for your product, pack size, existing equipment, and packaging materials.

We work with you.

We can easily integrate into your existing process. Some options include 10oz - 5lb retail bag sizes, various sizes of case liners, pallet bags, and rigid containers. We can supply printed film with pre-applied membranes as well as premade bags, printed-zip gusseted bags and caseliners. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities and options.

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Here’s how we do it.

We partner with larger material suppliers to deliver package materials and capabilities on site as needed. BreatheWay membranes provide the permeability for the entire package, giving you the freedom to select the package design and materials that fit your custom manufacturing needs and marketing vision.

Your food is safe with us.

Just like any other packaging material, BreatheWay storage has been approved for safe use with food products in typical temperature ranges, including microwave cooking.

Food for thought.

A look at the fruits and vegetables we currently work with:

Botanicals Cucumbers Broccoli
Asparagus Apples Lettuces
Tomatoes Pears Melons
Berries Exotics Items Bananas
Stonefruit Flowers Avocados